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The Daily Punctilio, as seen in PROSE: The Hostile Hospital.

The Daily Punctilio is the main newspaper read in the City.

This tabloid has often been cited as being an unreliable source of information and often gets the facts wrong, distorting the truth to the extent that it can be considered propaganda and fake news. Their headlines are often sensationalist, as it entices more readers and generates more profits.[source needed]

Later[statement unclear], The Daily Punctilio reported that Veronica, Klyde and Susie Baudelaire were responsible for murdering "Count Omar", showing how false reporting can ruin lives.[1]

Duncan Quagmire loves journalism and hopes to become a renouned journalist. He passionately hates The Daily Punctilio because of its lies and misconceptions.[source needed]


Former staff members


Behind the scenes

  • "The Daily Punctilio" is an ironic misnomer, as "punctilious" means "showing great attention to detail or correct behavior."
  • The paper's motto is "All the News in Fits of Print" which is a humorous twist on the New York Times' motto, "All the News That's Fit to Print." 



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