The Hemlock Tearoom and Stationery Shop is a location in All the Wrong Questions, possibly located in the City.

At the beginning of Who Could That Be at This Hour?, Lemony Snicket is drinking tea in the shop with two V.F.D. Chaperones who, for unknown reasons, are pretending to be Snicket's parents. In addition to tea, the shop also sells envelopes off racks. The paper and pens are damaged and useless.

Down a small hallway is the bathroom, which contains a small, square window ten feet above the ground that only a child could fit through. Outside this window is a narrow, puddley alley.



Hemlock by the train station.

The tearoom has floors that feel dirty even when they are clean. The food is too awful to eat, especially the eggs.

It is situated across from the train station, so people waiting for a train may wait there.


  • The teacups served at the Hemlock Tearoom have HEMLOCK written across the side.
  • It is a well-known fact that the eggs are bad, and even fellow customers are sympathetic to anyone who eats the eggs. Their eggs are probably even worse than those on display in the Museum of Bad Breakfast, a place for especially horrible breakfasts. The tea is tolerable.
  • The V.F.D. chaperones accompanying Snicket tried to drug him in order to get him away from his new chaperone, who was listed as the worst V.F.D chaperone, ranked 52 out of 52.