The incomplete history of secret organizations

In Justice Strauss' library (TV: The Bad Beginning: Part Two)

The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations is a book which includes information on VFD and its various codes and tools, including the spyglass with the VFD insignia.[1]

This book was found in both Justice Strauss'[2][3] and Aunt Josephine's libraries.[4][1]

When the Baudelaires arrived at Prufrock Preparatory School, Jacquelyn intended for Larry the Waiter to deliver an annotated copy to the Baudelaires. However, an accident resulted in librarian Olivia Caliban taking it. Duncan and Isadora Quagmire read parts of this copy, although they were abducted by the Hook-Handed Man who failed to obtain the book. Olivia eventually found the book and read it, leading her to investigate the situation of the Quagmires and the Baudelaires. This copy was later taken to Caligari Carnival by Olivia Caliban (disguised as Madame Lulu) and then burnt in the fire that destroyed the carnival.

Transcripted text

There is one thing that all sources seem to agree on: there is a vital connection between the VFD schism and the most important part of a tea set. No, not the teapot. (see "Sugar Bowl", above)

Some people claim that the schism divided VFD cleanly in two, with one side devoted to starting fires, and one side devoted to putting them out. But of course, it is rare for anything to divide so neatly, with the exception of a particular sort of semi- soft cheese (see "Gorgonzola", pg 401). (illegible text)

Since so much about VFD remain shrouded in mystery, including the circumstances of it's creation, we can only speculate at the connection between the city's official organization and it's similarly named counterpart. Some sources claim that the chief of the Official Fire Department was a close blood relation of a prominent member of V.F.D. though this fire chief has stubbornly refused to answer any of our questions, on account of being deceased. Finally, there is much debate regarding the cause of the schism. While most experts agree what one might politely call "philosophical differences", the truth is that these differences had been churning under the surface of V.F.D. for some time, even going back to the organization's very name. After all, while one might assume that the phrase "fire department" would obviously refer to an organization which puts out highly flammable literary materials, the phrase could just as easily refer to an organization that prefers to start fires and burn books (see Bradbury, Ray pg 451). Still, let's take a moment to theorize about those philosophical differences. Volunteers claim to be acting for the greater good, but philosophers who speak to the concept of moral relativity would be quick to point out that words such as "good", "evil", "delicious" and "sandwich" can all be ascribed different meanings, depending on the value system and dietary preferences of the-