The Royal Gardens
Location Information

The City




Destroyed in an illegal act of arson

The Royal Gardens was a series of public gardens found in the city. After they burned down, the gardens were covered in an enormous pile of dirt.[1] Jacques Snicket proved that the destruction of the gardens was arson.[2]


  • According to the Author's notes in the The Bad Beginning: Rare edition, a surviving bench from the Royal Gardens was moved into a hotel lobby, most likely Hotel Denouement because the bench had etched rings. This is usally an indication of a villainous person with bad manners.
  • The Rare Edition describes the gardens as containing several ornate wooden benches ideal for sitting and reading. There is also a structure known as the Poisonous Pavilion, which contains exotic plants. One of these plants was removed prior to the Garden's destruction and used in a case that Justice Strauss is investigating during the events of The Bad Beginning.



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