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This article lists all of the unfortunate events that happened to the Baudelaire orphans in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Note that this list is arranged in all events that happened within a specific place in time, not all events based on how it was written/mentioned in A Series Of Unfortunate Events (e.g. the Schism is placed before the Baudelaire Fire, even though it was first written/mentioned in The Slippery Slope).

This does not include All the Wrong Questions.

Before TBB (The Bad Beginning)

  • The Schism - the separation of V.F.D. and the origin of both sides.

TBB (The Bad Beginning)

  • The Baudelaire Fire - the death of Bertrand and Beatrice Baudelaire and the orphaning of Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire.
  • The Persuasion of Mr. Poe (Netflix) - Count Olaf persuades Mr. Poe to switch the Baudelaires' first guardian of choice from Dr. Montgomery Montgomery to himself (Count Olaf). Jacquelyn gets captured.
  • The Baudelaires and Count Olaf's First Meeting - the Baudelaires are taken to Count Olaf, their new guardian.
  • The Pasta Puttanesca Incident - the Baudelaires make dinner for Olaf and his troupe; however, they get abused due to the fact that Olaf wanted roast beef.
  • The Solving of The Nuptial Plot - Klaus Baudelaire solves Olaf's plan to steal their fortune. However, Sunny is imprisoned high up in Count Olaf's tower.
  • The Meeting of Jacquelyn and Gustav (Netflix) - Jacquelyn escapes to the V.F.D. tunnels and meets Gustav; they plan to go and attend the Marvelous Marriage.
  • The Attempt of Saving Sunny Baudelaire - Violet invents a contraption to save Sunny; unfortunately, the Hook-Handed Henchman captures Violet and is also imprisoned in the tower
  • The Marvelous Marriage - Olaf puts his plan into action by creating and performing The Marvelous Marriage; Violet uses her left hand to sign the marriage document instead of her right hand and therefore the marriage isn't legal.
  • The Death of Gustav (mostly Netflix; in the books, it is barely mentioned) - Jacquelyn and Gustav are talking on the walkie-talkie when an unknown person shoots a dart at his neck. He falls into a pond and says "The world is quiet here" before dying.

TRR (The Reptile Room)

  • The Baudelaires and Uncle Monty's First Meeting - the Baudelaires are sent to their next guardian, Dr. Montgomery Montgomery, or Uncle Monty. They are introduced to the Reptile Room, and the Incredibly Deadly Viper.
  • The Arrival of Stephano - the Baudelaires find out that Uncle Monty's new assistant, Stephano, is actually Count Olaf in disguise.
  • The Filming of Zombies in the Snow (although not necessarily important in the books, it is a vital scene in Netflix; the description is according to Netflix happenings) - Uncle Monty, Stephano and the Baudelaires go watch a movie; Uncle Monty deciphers a secret code that requires him and the Baudelaires to escape to Peru.
  • The Death of Uncle Monty - Uncle Monty happens to have an untimely death.
  • The Investigation of the Death of Uncle Monty - the Baudelaires try and persuade Mr. Poe that Uncle Monty's death is actually murder committed by Stephano/Count Olaf. The attempt was successful, but Count Olaf runs away. The Baudelaires are now brought to the care of Aunt Josephine.
  • The Chase at the Hedge Maze (Netflix) - Count Olaf runs away in the hedge maze while the Baudelaires chase after him. Olaf succeeds at fleeing, but the Baudelaires reveal a secret in the hedge maze, which turns out to be Jacquelyn disguised as a statue; Jacquelyn tells them to seek for Aunt Josephine before she chases after Olaf to the Prospero.
  • The Encounter at the Prospero (Netflix) - Jacquelyn confronts Olaf at the Prospero, who tries to capture Olaf, but he escapes and Jacquelyn is left behind at the ship which is sailing to Peru.

TWW (The Wide Window)

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TMM (The Miserable Mill)

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TAA (The Austere Academy)

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TEE (The Ersatz Elevator)

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