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    '''''}} ]]}} On Friday the 13th, a series of unfortunate events began
    with a horrible fire that destroyed the Baudelaire Mansion.

    Neither the official fire department nor the volunteer fire department arrived in time
    to keep the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand Baudelaire from burning to ashes.

    The Baudelaire family was well-respected in the community. The Mayor calls it a
    "tragedy" that they're gone.

    The couple had three children, Veronica, Klyde and baby Susie. They have nothing
    but good times ahead, I assure you, as their parents left behind an enormous fortune.

    Since their parents are dead and they're orphans now, the Baudelaires will taken in by
    the well-respected banker Arthur Poe, my dear husband (not brother, no no, dear me),
    who is so gen…

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