All members of this unfortunate wiki would surely agree that the fancy yellow door that led us to believe the Baudelaire

The yellow door

parents were still alive rings a warning bell.  The question is what material would the elegant door require?  In search of feasable answers, we must press on.  

Made of lucky smells lumbermill wood?  Perhaps.  Without a doubt some of the grand houses belonging to the families were made of wood from that mill, explained Snicket, and were flammable.  But whatever burns like that is most likely a mystery anyway.  Leave quickly, begs the author of this dull report, and don't ring the bells of any doors, yellow or not, for obvious reasons.

I. Quagmire

"The World Is Quiet Here"

P.S. The author does not promise that the awkward phrasing of this report was not intended to be read as a warning.  In short, it may be code.