aka Hershnand Hoboken

  • I live in shyness lives here
  • I was born on December 11
  • My occupation is Inventor/painter
  • I am female
  • Percyrules46

    Have they  ever told you  once that your  a embarrassment ? My mom sure did. It frustrates me more when she says that I'm  weak and defenseless    when I'm  not . She says  that she understand  me, but she doesn't .  She never fought  for  her friends  and  I  had . I'm  always  different .  I'm  sure  I'm  not  her daughter .  I look  nothing  like  her,my personality  is different  and unique .  She wants  to  break down all individuality . She is the  worst.

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  • Percyrules46

    1. everyone hates me and thinks im a freak.

    2. everyones a jerk,even if you help them

    3, when you call them jerk, everyone gets over sensitive.

    4. the adults don't care and they are stupid

    5. it is anightmare.

    6. you cry in your sleep everynight.

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