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VFD is a three–letter acronym that is used extensively throughout the books. Perhaps you were looking for V.F.D., the organization.

The following is a list of all of the occurrences of "V.F.D." initialisms in chronological order of their first appearances.


Veritable French Diner advertisement

The Ersatz Elevator

The Vile Village

The Hostile Hospital

The Carnivorous Carnival

The Slippery Slope

  • Volunteer Feline Detectives – a pack of lions that once lived in the Mortmain Mountains
  • Very Fascinating Drama – used as a code between the Baudelaire orphans and Quigley Quagmire
  • Very Fun Day – used as a code between the Baudelaire orphans and Quigley Quagmire
  • Vinegar–Flavored Doughnuts – used as a code between the Baudelaire orphans and Quigley Quagmire
  • Violent Frozen Dragonflies – used as a code between the Baudelaire orphans and Quigley Quagmire
  • Voracious Fierce Dragon – used as a code between the Baudelaire orphans and Quigley Quagmire
  • Vain Fat Dictator – used as a code between the Baudelaire orphans and Quigley Quagmire
  • Verdant Flammable Device – used to alert fellow Volunteers of one's presence
  • Vertical Flame Diversion – serves as both a chimney and a passageway
  • Vernacularly Fastened Door – a device used to lock a door
  • Volunteer Fire Department – a fire–fighting organization that was split by a schism
  • Verbal Fridge Dialogue – a code used by the V.F.D.
  • Very Fresh Dill – used to signify a message in Verbal Fridge Dialogue

The Grim Grotto

  • Volunteer Factual Dispatches – telegrams written between Volunteers who are unable to meetup but would like to share answers to the mysteries they’ve solved
  • Voluntary Fish Domestication – a V.F.D. program that trained salmon at Anwhistle Aquatics; these salmon were later kidnapped and served at Café Salmonella
  • Visitable Fungal Ditches – Chapter 39 of Mushroom Minutiae
  • Versed Furtive Disclosure – a a collection of poetry used in Verse Fluctuation Declaration that Klaus finds in the Gorgonian Grotto
  • Verse Fluctuation Declaration – a code used by the V.F.D.
  • Volatile Fungus DeportationGregor Anwhistle's plan to cultivate the Medusoid Mycelium in the Gorgonian Grotto
  • Violet's Fifteenth DateViolet's Fifteenth Birthday
  • Verifying Fernald's Defection – a newspaper article written by Jacques Snicket

The Penultimate Peril

The End

  • Very Flavorless Diet – a joke made by Klaus
  • Vaporetto of Favorite Detritus – a boat made of one's favorite thing

Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography

  • Very Frightening Danger – on the copyright page, Lemony Snicket writes: "If you recognize yourself in any of the photographs or illustrations in this book you may find yourself in Very Frightening Danger and/or slightly embarrassed but there is nothing you can do about it."
  • Valorous Farms Dairy – the farm where Snicket was born
  • Vineyard of Fragrant Drapes – the name for The Vineyard of Fragrant Grapes that is used when Volunteers are sending coded messages
  • Veiled Facial Disguises – a set of disguises used by the V.F.D.

    Veiled Facial Disguises

  • Various Finery Disguises – a sets of disguises used by the V.F.D.
  • Vincent Francis Doyle – author of Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer
  • Very False Documents Press – publisher of Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer by Vincent Francis Doyle
  • Very Fancy Doily Press – publisher of The In Auction Catalog
  • Voracious Film Discussions Press – publisher of I Lost Something at the Movies by Lena Pukalie
  • Venom Feels Delightful Press – publisher of Mamba du Mal: A Snake That Will Never Kill Me by Tony "Mommy" Eggmonteror
  • Very Fast Delivery – the caption under a photograph on page 204


  • Vessel For Disaccharidesthe Sugar Bowl
  • Very Fine Dramatists
  • Vital Fan Disclosure – it is said that in reply to an email to Lemony Snicket, one will receive an "Out of Office AutoReply" that is apparently sent by "Anonymous Representative HarperCollins Publishers Department of Vital Fan Disclosure"

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