V.F.D. Headquarters
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Mortmain Mountains


V.F.D. Volunteers and Neophytes

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Burned down by the Man With a Beard But No Hair and the Woman With Hair But No Beard

The V.F.D. Headquarters was the second-to-last safe place for V.F.D. volunteers.

It was located in the Mortmain Mountains, at the base of Mount Fraught, in the Valley of Four Drafts. Before its destruction in book ten by the Man With a Beard But No Hair and the Woman With Hair But No Beard, it was said to have had the following rooms:

  • a kitchen
  • a dining room
  • a parlor
  • a disguise center,
  • a movie room,
  • a set of stables,
  • a gymnasium,
  • a training center,
  • a garage,
  • six laboratories,
  • dormitories,
  • schoolrooms,
  • a lounge,
  • a theater,
  • a music room,
  • a museum,
  • an ice cream shop,
  • rehearsal studios,
  • testing centers,
  • a swimming pool,
  • bathrooms,
  • and the grand V.F.D. library.

According to a book that Quigley Quagmire once read, there was a mechanism, just outside a large window in the kitchen, that turned some of the water from the waterfall at the source of the Stricken Stream into steam. This steam then rose up and covered the headquarters so it could not be seen through the shield of mist.

In book ten, Violet and Klaus Baudelaire and Quigley Quagmire accessed what once was the kitchen of the V.F.D. Headquarters through a secret passageway by: finding the Vertical Flame Diversion at the back of the cave in the Mortmain Mountains that once housed both the Volunteer Feline Detectives and the Snow Scouts; climbing up the footholes carved into the side of the Vertical Flame Diversion; walking down a dim, curving hallway; and then entering the correct phrases into the Vernacularly Fastened Door.

Now, all that remains of the V.F.D. Headquarters is a handful of silverware, the remnants of a stove, a refrigerator, a pile of burnt wood that was probably a dining table, a half-melted candelabra, various mysterious objects including: a trombone, the pendulum of a grandfather's clock, something that looks either a periscope or a spyglass, an ice cream scoop that has burnt sugar, an iron archway emblazoned with the words "V.F.D. Library," a"burnt wooden sign marked Poetry" and a sheer, white wall that was the waterfall of the Stricken Stream.[1]

Headquarters (TV series)


The headquarters in the TV series.

In the Netflix adaptation, the VFD headquarters was hinted to originally have been based in Georgina Orwell's optometry building.



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