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The Baudelaires on the outskirts of the village.

The Village Of Fowl Devotees is the main setting for book the seventh, The Vile Village. The town is located just outside the city in an area known as The Hinterlands. It is often called "V.F.D." instead of its full name, when written or spoken. The Baudelaires mistook this V.F.D. for the organization, V.F.D., and decided to pick this village, resting in the middle of a wide expanse of flat, dry land, to adopt them.


The Village of Fowl Devotees was founded 306 years ago by a group of explorers who were fascinated by the migratory patterns of the crows, and formed a settlement in the area in order to admire them. The sight of the crows migrating is a magnificent sight, but visitors to V.F.D. must be wary of the village's strict and numerous rules.

The city is called "Village of Fowl Devotees" because the entire village is devoted to crows. There are crows all over the town, which roost downtown in the morning, uptown in the afternoon, and then all fly to a gigantic tree, known as Nevermore Tree,  on the outskirts of town at night.


Fowl Fountain

Fowl Fountain.

Features of the uptown include the Town Hall and the nearby Fowl Fountain which was built by Count Olaf to trap the Quagmires. Unknown to many, the fountain has a hidden mechanism in its eye, allowing the beak to open so at least two human-sized objects can be placed inside. Another feature is the Uptown Jail where The Deluxe Cell is the filthiest cell out of many smaller ones.

Council of Elders

The Council of Elders are a group of elderly people who govern the Village. Each member of the council wears a hat with a wobbly crow on the top. The youngest member was The Woman Who Was About Eighty-One.


The council has made thousands of rules, which are described as "insane" throughout the book, and many of which are "contradictory" according to Klaus Baudelaire, who stays up all night studying them.

  • No mechanical devices.
  • The only pens that may be used are pens made of crow feathers.
  • Residents may not make things out of crows.
  • Residents may not use their teeth for recreational reasons.
  • Anyone who breaks a rule will be burned at the stake.
  • If someone is to be burned at the stake, they must be allowed to give a speech just before the fire is lit.
  • Prisoners must be given bread and water.
  • No books that have anything to do with breaking the village's rules.
  • Only a certain amount of nuts can be on an elder's sundae.
  • No murdering.
  • No escaping from jail.
  • No crows are to be harmed.
  • No speaking on the town hall platform unless you are a police officer.
  • During town meetings, only what is on the platform will be discussed.
  • Buses carrying passengers heading to the town must let them off several miles away from the town.
  • No villains allowed.

All the rules have numbers (Rule #201: No murdering).


Past Residents



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