The Wart-Faced Man is a member of Count Olaf's acting troupe and one of the Count's henchmen. He aides Olaf's escape during his performance of The Marvelous Marriage by shutting off the lights.


The Wart-faced man may be one of the guests at Count Olaf's house not seen by the Baudelaires, but this is unknown. He is seen by the Baudelaires during Count Olaf's performance of The Marvelous Marriage in which he was to marry Violet Baudelaire. He is described as being important-looking. After it is revealed that the performance was actually a scheme to gain the Baudelaires' fortune, the wart-faced man shuts off the lights in order to allow Olaf and the troupe to escape.

Behind the scenes

The Wart-Faced Man makes no further appearances in the series after The Bad Beginning, nor did he appear in the film or TV series adaptation of the book.

He may be The Man With Pimples On His Chin, an attendee of the Caligari Carnival who appeared in The Carnivorous Carnival. This is unlikely, however, as he had pimples instead of warts and was not recognised by either Olaf or by the Baudelaires, though it is a possibility.