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The White-Faced Women were two of the original members of Count Olaf's acting troupe.


Like Olaf's other associates, very little is known about the white-faced women, other than that they are sisters. Though Lemony Snicket never reveals much about them, it is known that they once had a third sibling who died in a fire that burnt down their home. It is assumed that Count Olaf was responsible for this fire. The women are always described as wearing white makeup on their faces, and although they think their makeup makes them look freakish, they continue to wear it.[1]

The white-faced women helped with the abduction of Duncan and Isadora Quagmire in The Austere Academy. During this time, they were disguised as cafeteria workers and wore metal masks to hide their faces.[2]

Later, in The Hostile Hospital, the women disguised themselves as nurses, using the aliases Tocuna and Flo, which, when combined, are an anagram of Count Olaf. Originally, they were supposed to perform the cranioectomy on Violet, but fortunately they were late, and so Klaus and Sunny took their places. When they finally arrived in the operating theater, Klaus and Sunny were revealed by Esmé Squalor to be imposters.[3]

The sisters finally became tired of Olaf's schemes in The Slippery Slope, and decided to leave Count Olaf's troupe, simply walking away down the Mortmain Mountains. Some say that they still paint their faces white and can be seen singing sad songs in some of the gloomiest music halls in the city. Some say that they live together in the Hinterlands, attempting to grow rhubarb in the dry and barren ground. And some say that they never made it out of the mountains, and that their bones can be found in one of the range's many caves. Their true fate is unknown.[1]


  • In the movie, the white-faced women were portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge and Jane Adams.
  • In the video game, they were voiced by Jocelyn Blue and Kari Wahlgren.
  • In the TV series, they were instead portrayed by Jacqueline Robbins and Joyce Robbins, and were older than the books let on.
  • The two women's refusal to kill Sunny Baudelaire in the Mortmain Mountains may be due to the loss of their own sibling and/or the fact that Count Olaf destroyed their family as well as the Baudelaires'.






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