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Zada and Zora
Physical description

Female (both)


Knight family servants


Knight Family


Zada and Zora are twin maids working for the Knight family. They are introduced in When Did You See Her Last?, presenting the case for Cleo Knight's disappearance.


Early life

Zada and Zora had known Cleo ever since she was a baby, having taken her home from the hospital after her birth. Some time ago, Cleo learned some Italian cooking terms from them, which proved handy in finding out that Harold Limette wasn't a real witness, and never existed in the first place.

When Did You See Her Last?

Upon the arrival of S. Theodora Markson and Lemony Snicket at Ink Inc., Zora greeted them and explained the case to them, telling them when did they see Cleo last while being sick with worry. While explaining to them about Ignatius Knight's and Doretta Knight's condition, Dr. Flammarion differentiated the twins wrongly, irritating them. Zada explained that Dr. Flammarion prevented her from calling the police to investigate Cleo's disappearance, and that he suggested that they call Theodora instead for the case.

Soon after the events of the book, they had left Stain'd-by-the-Sea with Ignatius and Doretta Knight.



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